Born Bad

Born Bad by Heather Burnside — Reviewed by Guy Portman

Adele’s life has always been a struggle. Her father is a heavy drinker with a short temper, her mother apathetic and tranquiliser-dependent, her damaged younger brother destined for a life of crime. But conscientious and studious Adele is striving for something better. That is until a violent incident lays waste to her plans.

Divided into three sections, consisting of one year each, the novel adeptly explores Adele’s formative years, beginning in childhood, recommencing in adolescence before culminating in young adulthood.

Set in 1970s and 80s Manchester, Born Bad is the first instalment in a proposed Manchester-based crime trilogy, penned by popular author Heather Burnside. It is an eminently readable and authentic work, boasting memorable characters and a suspenseful ending. Themes include domestic abuse and family loyalty. This reader eagerly awaits the sequel.

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