Suicide Notes

Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford – Reviewed by Guy Portman

Jeff is a smart-ass 15-year-old with a quick wit and a cynical sense of humour. One day Jeff awakens to find himself in a psychiatric ward. He is unsure as to why they incarcerated him here, but he is convinced that he has nothing in common with the other ‘crazy’ patients. Jeff is in denial. With the assistance of psychiatrist Dr Katzrupus our protagonist begins to come to terms with reality.

Utilising a first person narrative, this authentic, quick read contains humorous and poignant moments. Themes include teenage angst, mental health and homosexuality.

This shunner of bildungsroman was initially unaware that Suicide Notes is a coming-of-age novel aimed at a teenage audience. Despite some of the themes not resonating with him, he found plenty to like about this curious and clever book.

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