Tormenting Twitter Types (Part 2)

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I have an emotional attachment to social media.  Though Twitter will always be my first love, I have recently started seeing Google+ and must confess to becoming somewhat infatuated with her.  Though I have devoted many posts to confessing my love for Twitter, this post (one of a series) is dedicated to Twitter grievances.


Repeater Tweeters – We have all come across accounts that repeat Tweets over and over again, often multiple times per day.  These Tweets contain a link, nearly always have at least some capitalisation and more often than not the syntax remains if not the same, virtually identical.  I am talking about the:

REVEALED – OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST!!!!! – obamacommunist/q2

What can the revelation be, I asked myself, clicking on one of these type of Tweet links.  Perhaps Obama has just been photographed by the paparazzi on the beach on his summer holidays, sporting a full-back Karl Marx portrait tattoo, with additional Communist Manifesto quote tattoos coiled around his limbs.  However the information transpires to be nothing more than the when Obama was at college he allegedly had a sandwich or smoked one of those things he used to smoke, with someone who had left-wing tendencies variety.  We are not living in the McCarthy era anymore.

There are others too

LEARN the TRICK discovered by a MOM to TURN YELLOW TEETH WHITE for UNDER $5!!!!! – whiteteethmom/q7

White teeth – It seems the whole world wants them now.  If you do too, try going to a dentist or buy toothpaste with whitener from a supermarket, do not go on Twitter and click on one of these links.  Not only will your teeth be turned black and your credit card details seized, but you will live to regret the day you were born.  Maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

TwitterSpam2(Courtesy of

SMUT SPAMMERS – Porn is everywhere on the internet or so I am told.  Millions of sites are dedicated to pornography and it is only a click away.  There are sites dedicated to all tastes, apparently.  Not only is this Tweeting practice reviled by many, but there is also a case for arguing that it is unlikely that people would go on Twitter to look for pornographic content.   These Tweets vary from the relatively innocent:

Check out Bella’s h*** t*** bellaporn/q6

To claims of remarkable feats such as:

Watch Jemma take 2 c**** in the a** at the same time buttqueen/q9

The links above aren’t real by the way.

Inept English Language Tweeters – I tried to make the name of this type of tormenting Twitter Type begin with the same letter or ideally rhyme, however I failed to achieve this.  Considering these Tweeters Tweeting habits perhaps this is appropriate.  Most of us have probably come across Tweets like:

#BLI^M $$$ MI$MIZ – GN$Z!!!! SHO%TZ W^^DZ???? C$@KZ!!!!

Admittedly English has digressed from its original form as it has travelled around the world and been embraced by different cultures, but do Tweets of this nature really make much sense to anyone.  One hopes not and if they do, the end of the world is surely not far away.

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