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With the forthcoming release of my second book, Necropolis (a humorous work of dark fiction – Release Date: April 24th), I have found myself reflecting on my place in the ever-growing medium that is social media. This week’s blog post is dedicated to social media.



Anyone familiar with my Twitter Species blog posts will be aware that my interest in Twitter is now an obsession. I like to consider myself a member of the Amica Garrulus (Convivial Communicator) species. We are social Tweeters, who like to engage with all other Twitter species (with the exception of members of the Vexo Tertius & Molestus Confuse species), who we avoid like the plague.

Here are a few of my Twitter observations.

  • Engagement – This is crucial (if your Tweets are never part of a conversation you are merely talking to yourself – and we all know what the first sign of madness is don’t we).
  • Endorsement – It is imperative that other Twitter specimens (regardless of species, well, almost) endorse us. This validates our efforts.
  • Discernible Tweeting Call – To be heard above the relentless clamour of the Twittersphere, a distinctive/unique Tweeting call is a necessity.
  • Pictures – The good news is users can finally effectively upload pictures. The bad news is Twitter is seeing an influx of pictures of kitties (c.f. @EmrgencyKittens – for when you need a kitten to cheer you up).


With over 1.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the behemoth of social media platforms. However all is not well in the home of countless millions of cute kitties. Facebook has started to resemble a police state in recent times, with the major change to its timeline update a little over a year ago, which resulted in less of one’s Likers getting to see one’s posts. Under the current draconian measures, Facebook seemingly arbitrarily decides what percentage of your Likers/Endorsers get to view your posts

  • Not all Likes are equal – Seeking random Likes is counter productive, unless your sole objective is to make your page appear popular. But as we all know appearances can be deceptive.
  • >200 Likes – If you have a page with >200 Likes it is not currently possible to change the name of that page. Instead you have to start a new page. This is something to consider when starting a page.

I had the >200 Like issue yesterday with my Charles Middleworth (my first book) page, and was forced to start a new page for my forthcoming book, Necropolis. My Necropolis page currently has no Likes, and is feeling lonely and isolated. Feel free to Like it and I might Like yours back, unless your page is full of pictures of kitties, in which case I won’t.


We are currently witnessing something akin to the mass migration from the countryside to the cities of yesteryear, as Facebook users increasingly disillusioned with the draconian measures, and/or influx of kitties on Facebook, seek a new home on Google+. Google+ is supposedly geared towards businesses and professionals, but as a cursory glance at my homepage reveals, there is a disturbing influx of kitties, in addition to pictures of home baked cookies; which leaves me wondering whether this is still the case.

  • Google Rank – There is considerable evidence to suggest that effective use of Google+ (SEO optimisation, +1s etc.) leads to preferential treatment on the Google search engine.
  • Innovation – As one can expect from the creators of the Google search engine, Google+ is constantly innovating and is quite complex. New users need to be prepared to spend considerable time becoming familiar with it.


goodreads is a haven for readers and writers alike to liaise in a kitty free environment (earlier this week I did receive a message from an author who has just written a book about his relationship with his three kitties, but that is the exception rather than the rule).

  • Giveaways – Are an effective way for authors in a congested marketplace to gain some exposure for their book/s. In January I had a giveaway for my first book Charles Middleworth, a humorous tale of the unexpected (entries: 800, added to to-read list: 294). I will be having another for Necropolis (starting soon).
  • Groups – Some of the groups provide a great way to meet readers and authors, as well as to share our universal love for books (not Romance & Christian Fiction in my case).


My second book, Necropolis (April 24th), is a humorous work of dark Fiction about a sociopath, who works for the Burials and Cemeteries department in his local council.


‘A black comedy of true distinction’


Next week I will be sharing the blurb.

Earlier this week author and Hollywood actor, Eric Barry, interviewed me for his new website, CHUNKBOOK. Click here to see the interview.




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  • Thanks for sharing Guy. I agree with you about FB. The measures that they have taken are a bit ridiculous. Basically they’ve got greedy and want you to pay to promote all your posts, but I think that greed will ultimately be their downfall. Coincidentally I was just thinking the other day that I really should get more involved on Google+ and Goodreads, but I still haven’t got round to it. Great interview by the way, well done!

    • Thank you Diane. I think you will like goodreads. Facebook are a business after all, but I agree that they have got too greedy. Hopefully things will change. Have a good weekend!

  • Hello Portman! Don’t get all this social media stuff, don’t have facebook or twitter. All seems a bit insane to me or maybe I’m just anti-social. Anyway, good luck with the book!

  • I enjoy being part of your community Guy and like u I think Facebook has had its time instead of making friends some people r using it to pick fights or make fun. I know I’m on it but its how I keep in touch with my family

    • I can’t think of a better reason to be on Facebook than to keep in touch with your family Margaret. Personally I have always struggled with Facebook, but will not give up on it quite yet.

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