My Interview on Fiction Favorites

This is my interview with American author, John Howell, on his popular blog, Fiction Favorites.


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  • Great interview Guy. I love the humour. I was surprised to find you’re based in London as for some reason I pictured you in the US. Probably finishing the screenplay for Necropolis about now.
    If you go into business would it work 3 ways as I know my dark chocolate ginger biscuits go down a storm over there?
    Keep well.

  • Thank you David. Finishing the screenplay to Necropolis in the US sounds very glamorous. My reality is rather more tepid. Exporting the dark chocolate ginger biscuits sounds like a great idea. I can imagine them being consumed at high society tea parties from coast to coast. Our marketing plan could revolve around a claim that our literary pioneers including Dickens and Jane Austen were voracious consumers of dark chocolate ginger biscuits.

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