My Japanese Culinary Tour

This week’s blog post is devoted to the dizzying array of culinary delights that I came across in Japan.

Osechi (see below) is traditional Japanese New Year’s fare.  Osechi are served in boxes called jūbako (重箱).


On New Year’s Day there was also an abundance of sushi on offer.


Noodles are very popular in Japan, particularly at lunchtime.  Below is a picture of a bowl of Soba noodles complete with egg, spinach and a tempura prawn.


Here is a picture I took of a chef making Soba noodles.


In my humble opinion Japanese KFC is far superior to the British version, and that is to say nothing of the customer service – read smiling and servility (including bowing).  What more could anyone ask for from a fast food restaurant?


Whale meat is still widely eaten in Japan, much to the annoyance of Greenpeace.  Below is a picture of whale bacon for sale in a fish market that I visited.


A strawberry and wasabi flavoured ice-cream.


There are a number of different types of restaurants that serve meat in Japan, including Teppanyaki and Yaki Niku (see below), where the customer cooks the meat themselves.


Below are two plates of gyoza.  I went on to order a third.  Gyoza are delicious but not particularly healthy.


A bowl of eel (unagi) on rice that I had for lunch one day in a traditional Japanese restaurant.


This sausage on a stick (see below) was probably the least appetising thing I ate in Japan.  They can be purchased from service stations, and are best avoided.


The Japanese love ornate culinary displays (see below).


And yet more sushi.



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  • Ooh, it all looks delicious Guy. I love Sushi but I have to go to Sushi restaurants alone because nobody else I know likes it. I think I would pass on the strawberry and wasabi ice cream though. It sounds as though you are having a good time in Japan, or are you back in the UK now?

  • Yummy! I so want to go to Japan. Your sushi looks much better than the sushi I’ve had. Gyozas can be delicious or disgusting, you just never know till you take a bite.

  • I spent my time in Japan eating all the things mentioned (except the KFC and susage on a stick) plus Miso for breakfast. Loved it. This brought back some nice memories. I just had gyozas for lunch today.

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