Happy Birthday Bret Easton Ellis

As Bret Easton Ellis, one of my favourite authors, turns 51 on March 7th, I am devoting this week’s blog post to him.

Easton-Ellis (Born: March 7th 1964)

Bret Easton Ellis rose to prominence when his impressive and controversial first novel, Less Than Zero, was published in 1985 when the author was only 21, and still studying at college. The social commentary and plotless realism that were to become Ellis’s trademark are in evidence throughout this nihilistic first person narrative.

My Review: Set in nineteen-eighties Los Angeles, the story follows eighteen-year-old Clay, returned home for Christmas from college in New Hampshire.  Clay immediately falls back into the L.A. social scene, … (More).

Bret Easton Ellis shot to fame/infamy with his third novel American Psycho, which was widely condemned at the time of its publication for its violence and perceived misogyny.

My Review: American Psycho is a highly controversial novel that brought its young author Bret Easton Ellis instant fame.  The book is written from the perspective of a young Wall Street financier, Patrick Bateman…. (More).

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His fourth novel, Glamorama, is a satirical work that adeptly captures the hedonism of 1990s New York. In typical Ellis fashion the text is punctuated with numerous pop-culture references, in addition to sporadic descriptions of violence and prolonged graphic sexual encounters. Click here to read my review.

I have also read his sixth novel, Lunar Park.  Lunar Park is a mock memoir that begins with a parodic account of the author’s early fame. Although I am a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis I found Lunar Park to be convoluted and self-indulgent. Click here to read my review.

To this day, Ellis, who has written 7 novels in total, 4 of which have been made into films, continues to cause controversy, not only through his books, but also with his incendiary Tweeting habits, which have included controversial Tweets on such sensitive subjects as HIV and Aids.  This has left the author open to accusations from some that his social media antics are nothing more than publicity stunts.  One might argue that controversy appears to be such an integral part of Ellis’s identity that he will never be able to willingly abandon it. However, regardless of this, there can be no doubt that the iconic author will always be remembered as a literary pioneer and erudite social commentator.








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  • Happy Birthday Bret. The Twitter Aids/HIV stuff was pretty sick. Less Than Zero and American Psycho are awesome books. Glamorama was good too – real hard going at times though & long. 4 books made into films & he’s only written 7 – that’s pretty impressive.

    • I really liked Less Than Zero & American Psycho. Ellis’s stream of consciousness style is very effective. Let’s hope he has another good book or two in him yet. Have a good weekend Trina.

    • I like first person narratives. My second novel Necropolis is written in the first person. Hope you enjoy whichever Ellis book you decide to read. Have a good weekend John.

  • I certainly need to read more Ellis and your post has inspired me to. I liked Less Than Zero. I have only read half of American Psycho. Don’t know why I stopped – I was thoroughly enjoying it.

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