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March 12th 2012 saw the launch of this blog with a post titled Miami Day One. It was followed 4 days later with a post dedicated to my first and last visit to Taco Bell (Fort Lauderdale). I am not sure anyone other than myself ever read these posts.

Today, 3.5 years and 36,000 page views later, I finally got around to getting a professional to redesign this blog. It was out with the all-encompassing grey, including grey font, and in with a tasteful white and blue scheme with a clear, large, black font.


You can find my 2 novels (Necropolis and Charles Middleworth) on the right hand side of the page. I went with a red font for the Amazon links. The rationale being that red encourages action. Wishful thinking perhaps, only time will tell.

I write a blog post every Friday afternoon (16:03 GMT) and hope to continue to do so for many decades to come. There are now over 50 instalments of my famous author series, in addition to posts devoted to books, as well as the occasional update on my travels, including a trip around a high-tech Japanese house and tours of 3 cemeteries (The Brompton Cemetery in London, Recoleta in Buenos Aires and Zentralfriedhof in Vienna). I am interested in cemeteries. The protagonist in my second novel, Necropolis, works for the burials and cemeteries department in his local council.


In the My Reviews section (see top of page) you will find 81 of my book reviews. The titles, unlike before, are now neatly nested in a table. There are books to interest all tastes. I look forward to sharing many more reviews in the forthcoming years.

You might be interested in joining my mailing list (see right hand column). I will be sending out occasional newsletters.

Have a good weekend.





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