10 Ludicrous Religious Books

Check out these 10 ludicrous religious-themed books. I have added pithy/fictitious comments below each.


Thinking Biblically About The iPod 

If there is a more obscure book title out there, I am yet to come across it.


Help Lord – The Devil Wants Me Fat

Why would The Devil want you fat? He is not a fat fetishist.


What About Christian Rock? 

What about it … No, don’t press play …. AHHHHH


The Joy of Fearing God 

Living in fear is not joyful.


The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

Winner of the most unfortunate title in the religious category.


Jesus Was An Episcopalian

You mean I have spent countless hours, on my knees, praying to an Episcopalian … I think I am going to be ill.


Jogging with Jesus 

That is not Jesus on the front cover. He wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that tracksuit.


Resurrection Aerobics The Christian Based Sex Aerobics

Proud winner of the most confounding book title award.


The Lord’s Corn Patch

If that is The Lord’s corn patch, he is not going to be happy to find that overweight, shabbily-attired, crazy woman.


The Bible is a scientific book 

No it is not.


There will be further instalments.




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