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A Personal Update

A Personal Update

It has been over a week since I released my fourth novel, the black comedy Sepultura. The early reviews have been very positive, and there are now a fair few up on Goodreads. I particularly like these comments, all of which are taken from Goodreads reviews.

A superb addition to Portman’s eclectic, wonderful corpus — Sean

… I already need the sequel! — lexlooksatbooks

I couldn’t help but observe with relish Dyson’s latest interactions with the philistines who haunt his waking hours — Wendy

Click here to see the reviews.

On another subject a couple of days ago I started reading my first book of 2018. Skagboys is a work of Transgressive Fiction by Irvine Welsh. Its length (500 pages), Scottish vernacular, and the utilisation of some passages presented in a handwritten font will no doubt result in it taking a while to read. But I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

This a bit random – I have a cheese recommendation for you, and it is an exceptional one at that. Perhaps you have tried it already. If not might I suggest you get hold of a Black Bomber at your earliest convenience. Black Bomber hails from Wales. This cheddar like cheese is a delight on the palate. I only recently discovered Black Bomber. It is now my favourite cheese.

Here is some I prepared earlier posing alongside Tuscan salami.

Sun is in something of a rarity in England at this time of year (some would say at any time of year). Here is a picture of my dog basking in the morning sun shining through the window. Trigga is a Hungarian Vizsla.

Have a good weekend.



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