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  • My book is a frightful load of pretentious guff. I doubt either you or Adam could make it sound good, although I do like your reviews

      • It’s set in a parallel universe where there is, and never has been, any music so much of the culture we take for granted simply does not exist. People have to make entertainment in other ways. This is a direct result of hearing so many people ( including me) make the comment that the world would be a really boring place without music, it got me thinking ‘What if?’. ANYWAY How’s your book going?

      • A parallel universe without entertainment sounds like an interesting idea for a book. Though I have to confess I largely survive without music.
        My book is now available through Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle.

  • Hey Guy. Just followed you on Twitter. I’m a transgressive fiction novelist currently living in Alaska. I was just on my interveb surf board, sipping my coffee, and seeing who else is out there. Love your site. It’s always good read about another’s experience with the market. Looking forward reading your books. Cheers!

    • Hi Brendan, thanks for dropping by. I followed you back on Twitter and Liked you Facebook page. Sipping coffee is always good. I just had a latte from my espresso machine, but its struggling to create foam for some reason that I am unable to fathom. Alaska must be great at this time of year with the snow melting and the mosquitoes yet to arrive. Guy

  • Guy,
    Yup, it’s a marvelous time of year in AK. We’ve finally wriggled out of our cocoon of perpetual midnight. This spring has been abnormally sunny and warm, which makes writing outdoors over a pint far more enjoyable. Sadly, the population of blood sucking pterodactyls is already limping into staggering springtime numbers. Damn devil-birds. So while dusting off the haz-mat suit in preparation, I’ve found that bear spray is far more effective on Mosquitos than bears.


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