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You may remember that last Friday my weekly blog post was about Chinese Internet censorship. When I woke up the following morning I went to check my WordPress blog, only to discover that I could not get into it. The problems did not end there. I was distraught to discover that all WordPress websites were blocked from my computer, this despite the fact that I was able to access other sites on the Internet with no problem. It was obvious what had occurred, the Chinese state’s censors had hacked my blog. By preventing me from accessing WordPress they were silencing my opinions in customary draconian fashion.

It transpired that this assumption couldn’t have been further from the truth. On phoning my provider (Sky) I was informed that it was due to a problem with the server.

SkyUnable to perform my WordPress duties, I turned my attention to other administrative tasks, starting with a still unopened letter from my satellite television provider – Sky. I knew what the letter was going to say before I even opened it. It was another price hike. These seem to arrive every other month these days. The accompanying letter outlined the rationale for the price increase. It promised that there would be yet more American serials. That settled it. I am cancelling.

Companies such as Sky seem to be particularly adept at meeting a want, and then when they have your custom becoming the face of total need. Well not for me, not any more. I only had it for the football anyway.


Television has become like a ladder in recent years. The first rung is the compulsory, overpriced BBC licence fee that you don’t want, after which you proceed to the second rung – the Sky/cable television package, then it is the extra channels, then the 3D package. But you haven’t reached the top yet, and you can’t turn back now, after you’ve climbed all this way. The next rung is pay per view. As television becomes interactive, more rungs are going to be added until the ladder reaches to infinity. I have been climbing this ladder towards heaven, only to find that redemption is merely an illusion. Only now have I realised this.

Fortunately there are books, and if I am desperate my friend’s Netflix account.


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  • I agree too Guy. The problem is that it creeps up on you in increments but if you stop and add up the total cost for TV you would be horrified. We recently discovered Netflix because of my son who is a student. It’s really cheap and we can all watch through the same account even if we are residing in different properties. I can’t help wondering though how long it will be before they too hike their prices up. 🙂

  • Ha, as if the Chinese Sate Censors would hack your blog……they don’t need to as they’ve built in devices to read everything you do on there anyway. One of the joys of having all our parts (for the computer) made there.
    Have a Great Weekend.

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